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Award winning photo by Christopher Weber

Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True

One of my weaknesses, even with knowing it is a totally useless way to be or act, is judging who I am by comparing myself to others. Do you ever get that way? As I regularly say about it, it’s a win-lose proposition. This can only add to the top BS facts about introvert experiences you[Continue Reading...]

tweak titles

Too Busy? Try 3 Tips To Streamline Your Blog Title

Sometimes the title or headline for content that pops into my mind, just doesn’t work. It may not work for the people I want to attract to read my blog, it may not work for getting my post found online and it may not work for me. In addition to the title dilemma, it can[Continue Reading...]


4 Specifics to Celebrate for Introvert Freedom

With the spirit of the July 4th holiday we are celebrating in the USA, it got me wondering, how is an introvert free? Are we free from something or free to something? The holiday is all about independence and freedom but the political nature of freedom is a topic for a different blog. As I[Continue Reading...]