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life is like a kaleiscope

A Metaphor as a Secret Ingredient for Introverts

Do you have a metaphor for your life? I’m in a small group study and today’s reading lesson started off with the statement “The way you see your life shapes your life.” One of the first thoughts this statement brought to my mind was a question a mentor asked me many years ago. “How do[Continue Reading…]


Sitting Down – How Much Is Too Much Everyday?

You might remember those early health warnings around coffee? Yes, it’s bad for you. Just this year though it was reported to be healthy in moderation, translates to 3 cups a day. Then the call from a loved food sounded, “eggs are bad your health.” Yes, that cholesterol in them will kill us because of[Continue Reading…]

Peoples affect on introverts

Charge Up Your Introvert Voice: interview with Donna Price

Did she really ask that? Did I really say that? We met on LinkedIn and if you are on LinkedIn you know how these things happen. Meet Donna Price, Business Coach, Innovator, and Facilitator, who was intrigued by my book Communication Toolkit for Introverts and invited me to be a guest on her BlogTalkRadio channel.[Continue Reading…]