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#RomanceAwareness Month: Are Introverts Hard To Love?

We’re winding down this month’s theme around romance. As synchronicity would have things Michaela Chung‘s recent email to her subscribers, of which I am one, spoke to me to reach out to her to offer some of her thoughts about loving introverts. Here is an article just for you, by her: #RomanceAwareness Month: Are Introverts[Continue Reading…]

Donald Trump Handshake

5 lessons from Donald Trump boycotts for introverts to know

Trump’s outspoken stance about illegal Mexicans flamed protests to boycott several of Trump’s properties. And remember, Macy’s and NBC cut their ties with him. Then remarks Trump made about Megyn Kelly during the first debate, caused many viewers to boycott Fox News. His statements and actions call for boycotts, and he also seems to care[Continue Reading…]


Introvert songs, blogging traffic, authors who blog: Blog Roundup 17 from #Introvert Inspirer

About two years ago 3 or 4 of my blog posts were hijacked and copied in full elsewhere online. This is one time Google traffic cop drew their sword for me, not pointed it at me. This week it seemed to me people were hacking into my introvert ideas from Romance Awareness month: are you[Continue Reading…]


Introvert cartoons, a quiz, narcissism, blogging: Blog Roundup 18 #Introvert Inspirer

A flood of fun and interesting posts to share with you on introverts, blogging and authorship I want to share. Fortunately, the content dam is holding to five #introvert fun and friendly posts! Click To Tweet Enjoy! Introvert cartoons, a quiz, narcissism, blogging: Blog Roundup 18 #Introvert Inspirer


#Romanceawarenessmonth How to love or fall in love again with your work, or business

Remember the movie “Romancing the Stone”? Whether you do or not is fine because this is not a blog post about the movie. This post is meant to be a metaphor of this phrase jewelers use to refer to a step to prepare a gem for use in jewelry. How do we romance our business[Continue Reading…]